The history of ballroom dance stems back to European court dances of the 17th and 18th centuries. Centuries later, we’re still learning the steps and following the movements of our ancestors. 

From the Viennese waltz to the tango, dance styles are incredibly varied. And yet, whatever style you choose to learn, it provides many benefits. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of taking ballroom dance lessons. 

1. Good for Your Physical Health

The CDC recommends that adults get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Unfortunately, many adults fall short of this goal. Jobs can keep us locked into a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at our desks for long hours and then going home to lounge on couches and watch TV. 

One-third of the global population 15 years and older doesn’t get enough activity

No matter your age, taking up a hobby that involves exercise is great for your physical health. Therefore, taking ballroom dance lessons can keep you off the couch and on your feet! 

2. Keeps the Mind Sharp

Physical activity boosts brain health as well. Exercise can improve cognitive abilities, decrease feelings of anxiety, improve focus, and much more. 

Additionally, experts have found that exercise can promote neurogenesis or the creation of new brain cells. Exercise can even improve the function of the neurons.  

Plus, taking ballroom dance classes involves learning new steps, which helps exercise your brain. 

3. Bond With Your Partner

Exercising by yourself benefits your mind and body, but exercising with a significant other has many benefits as well. When you exercise with others, you encourage one another, you bond, and you get to create new memories and experiences together. 

Taking classes together allows the two of you to learn new skills. Plus, ballroom dancing is quite romantic! You can keep the spark alive and spend quality time together. 

4. Lower Stress Levels

We could all do with less stress in our lives, and exercise is a great solution. Any form of exercise can help to reduce stress levels

It increases the production of endorphins or the “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Exercise, such as dance, keeps your mind busy and focused on your surroundings, the music, and the steps. As such, it’s easier to forget the troubles of the day. 

Additionally, it can help strengthen the systems of your body, including your cardiovascular and immune systems. This helps to protect your body against the harmful effects of long-term stress. 

5. Increase Your Confidence

Finally, regular exercise helps to improve your mood. By getting healthier, you can experience having more energy, getting better sleep, reduced stress levels, and so on. In short, you’ll feel good, which can help improve your self-confidence as well. 

Another reason exercise such as ballroom dancing is good for you is that you’re learning new skills and becoming better over time. This can also do wonders for your confidence and give you something to show off the next time you’re at a wedding or formal event. 

Interested in Ballroom Dance Lessons? 

There are many benefits of ballroom dance lessons, and these are only the beginning. If you want to discover them all, take a class for yourself. 

Send us a message or stop by to inquire about our lessons and discover the joys of ballroom dance. We teach a variety of styles, from Cha Cha dancing to the waltz and much more. 



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