The Ballroom Factory Dance Studio offers piano lessons in Suffolk County, NY for children and adults of all levels. With our experienced piano instructors music becomes excellent nourishment for the mind and soul. With just a little practice each day, one can not only have a great source of relaxation but can also make noticeable progress in piano playing. We strongly believe that incorporating familiar tunes and music into our piano lessons will motivate our students and will contribute to making lessons fun.



The piano and voice lessons on Long Island are beneficial for children and adults. If you are an adult, either just starting out or continuing your piano studies, piano lessons Suffolk County are a wonderful way to participate in the enjoyment that music brings us in our everyday lives. As for children, studies have shown that children who learn to play a piano or other keyboard instrument are more likely to excel in virtually every facet of their scholastic pursuits.


We believe that piano lessons for children should be enjoyable and fun. With that in mind, we tailor a piano program to you or your child to suit your needs and wishes. The Ballroom Factory offers highly customized piano lessons in Suffolk County, Long Island to ensure you are making a progress you are looking for.


              Children, ages 4-6 are at a wonderful age in terms of their ability to absorb information! They will retain the information learned during the piano lessons Suffolk County from one week to the next. Children learn the location of the keys by playing with colors, letters, and then they grow into reading notes. Beginning piano lessons Long Island at four years old deeply ingrains the concepts of music and practicing. This will help the child’s concentration, sense of discipline, math and reading skills. In our studio, we have special programs for children in this age group. We not only play piano on Long Island, but we color and draw music lessons with crayons and markers and we play educational card games during piano lessons Long Island to make it fun. By the time the child is six, the child accomplishes reading notes, playing a scale in two hands, and recognizing and playing rhythmic patterns.
             Our piano lessons Suffolk County include classical training such as ear training, elements of harmony and music history. We also incorporate to our piano lessons Long Island popular tunes and jazz standards to make lessons more enjoyable. Piano lessons Suffolk County for children and adults are a great way to improve your child's grades!



            Remember, it’s never too late! You don't have to be a virtuoso to enjoy playing the piano Suffolk County. You will find that piano lessons Long Island will feed your spirit. It's always exciting to try something new. And as far as practicing, 15-20 minutes a day 4-5 days a week is fine in order to see noticeable improvement. You will appreciate and enjoy you piano lessons Suffolk County from a whole new perspective that you did not have as a child. It's never too late to start!

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